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Better 1-on-1’s with your team

Duuoo helps managers to get the most out of their team members, to keep them inspired and eager to deliver.
After all, 50% of people leave their manager, not their job.

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“Duuoo not only takes care of the administrative process of scheduling meetings and writing down agreements for future accountability – but it also helps our managers ask the right questions.”

Andrea Arcari, COO of Linkfire

Duuoo supports the entire process

  • 1. Organise

    Duuoo keeps track of when it’s time to have a 1-on-1 and schedules it for you.

  • 2. Prepare

    Review Duuoo’s talking points and your team member’s notes before the 1‑on‑1.

  • 3. Sit together

    Duuoo allows you to collect notes & agreements along the way.

  • 4. Follow up

    Agreements are captured and brought up again in future 1‑on‑1’s.

Effective 1-on-1 management

Stay on top of your team members’ 1-on-1s at a glance. Get notified whenever you have an upcoming 1-on-1, with preparation material.

Meetings are auto-scheduled based on your preferences, making sure your 1-on-1s stand out from the day to day work.

  • Never let a 1-on-1 slip away

  • Notes & agreements in one secure place

  • Easy scheduling with calendar integration

Duuoo asks the right questions

The Duuoo Conversation Engine™ reviews past interactions to tailor talking points to each team member.

Question cycles are put together by experts in the field and are based on thorough research, giving you all the content to maximize personal and professional development of team members.

  • Questions tailored to team members

  • Content by HR experts

Read more about Duuoo’s Conversation Engine™

Finally, some accountability

Accountability is everything, especially during an open and honest conversation. Agree to terms and set reminders before you move on to your next meeting.

Keep your word and deliver results to the people who deserve it most.

  • Put agreements in writing

  • Automated follow ups

  • Actions - not just talk!

Get together and start having better 1-on-1’s with your team

Duuoo integrates with your existing workflow

No need for more processes and things to update. The Slack integration seemlessly ties Duuoo into your already existing workflows and redirects you to the app where necessary.

  • Simple Slack integration

  • Never miss a 1-on-1, we’ll remind you

  • Scheduled 1-on-1’s are integrated in your calendar

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